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Need Bathroom Remodeling? Want a new Bathtub, Shower, Walk In Bath Tub or Tub To Shower Conversion? How about, Help with Financing? We can help! We will show you the Widest Selection of Styles, Colors and Options to suit your needs. Our process is completely customizable for your unique space. And as simple as 1 phone call! You will find that when compared to other providers our options are not only the most luxurious but even more practical than most imagine. Give us a call if you need the BEST:  Bathtubs, Showers, Walk In Bathtubs and Tub To Shower Conversions.

Bathtubs - 

We customize a wide variety of replacement bathtub styles in Central Illinois. Our low thresh hold tubs are the safest type of bathtub. For all people including individuals and children. As well as those with special needs. Our deeper tubs are perfect for soaking in and relaxing. These tubs are the most luxurious. Providing you with a mini retreat to be experienced at any time you choose.We also provide walk in tubs as well, which are perfect for those with special needs. Our bathtubs are made of the strongest material and we guarantee our tubs to be the most brilliant in color you will ever see or find from any Company. Or Service Provider.


Showers - 

Are you looking to replace a cracked, or older unit? As the most reviewed Bathroom Contractor, we will insure your completely satisfied with your new Shower! Our shower options will provide you with the perfect solution to your shower needs. Our products are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. That feature a wide variety of fixtures and styles. Your possibilities are endless. We are also happy to show you our most popular products. Our Best Sellers that the majority of Home Owners choose for their new Peoria bathroom remodeling. These days showers come in all shapes and sizes. With as many features as you can think of. For instance having multiple shower heads is a very unique way to set your Shower apart from all other. Imagine having (8) shower nozzles in your shower on the ceiling and the Shower walls. We can provide you any type of shower you desire.

Walk In Bathtubs - 

For the elderly we can help with removing the safety hazard of an old bathtub and replacing it with a walk in tub. We will provide you with many ideas and examples to use in making your decision if this style of tub fits your needs.

We in fact have been called to replace numerous Peoria area Walk In Tubs that were not installed properly and were either not performing properly or too tall to begin with.  

Tub To Shower Conversions - 

Want to remodel your bathroom and save? A tub to shower conversion gives you the ability to have the bathroom you have always wanted and do it for less. As with all our Peoria bathroom remodeling options, your new product has a lifetime warranty. This type of install makes perfect sense for the Home Owner who wants a brand new bathroom but may be selling the home in the next 5 years. Not only will you get a brand new bathroom and improve the value of your home but you will not have the extra expense of it being custom by any means. This makes this choice very appealing to many Home Owners for many reasons. Choose from Granite, Marble, Sculpted Tiles, Stone, Subway Tiles and more. Theres no limit to what you can create with a Tub to Shower Conversion. 

Cabinetry - 

Any bathroom isn't complete without cabinetry. We are experts at helping you select the perfect cabinets to hold your sink and also for storage. While maintaining an elegant, sleek feel that will absolutely dazzle anyone who enters. Our cabinets come with the most modern of pulls and hinges. As well as the most popular designs on the Market in Central Illinois and across the U.S. We stay in tune with the latest trends and deliver cutting edge ideas to our customers. Not all companies put as much emphasis on getting you the perfect Cabinets for your new bathroom as we do.

Flooring -

We have the most accomplished flooring service provider, to help you with all of your flooring needs. We use the best! Whether you want tile, laminate or vinyl, we can help you get it installed by the very best at a modest fee. We guarantee you will love the cost of your flooring for your new Bathroom Remodeling project. When compared to other service providers in Central Illinois, we work with the very best flooring contractors and also ensure to protect your home against needing peoria pest control. We ensure you not only high quality but endless styles as well as the most popular, current trends.

Our Bathroom Remodeling, Process: From the first phone call to the final walkthrough, you will be thrilled with our 5 star service. We first begin with the initial Peoria Bathroom Remodeling estimate. Once you either come visit our showroom or see the products presented in your home we then begin to plan your projects design elements. Having chosen your finishes we then schedule a day that works for you. On that day we will then begin to prep any flooring that will be staying. Next we begin by removing any fixtures and finishes that are old and will be replaced. Next we re frame as needed and help with re-routing any peoria electricians, peoria heating and cooling or peoria plumbers and install your unit. We will then focus on the ceilings and walls for you. Then we install your floor. Followed by the Painting. Finally we begin to set all fixtures, mirrors, doors, trim and any handles you will be using in your new Bathroom Remodel. Lastly after we have installed your trim, we will be painting trim and touching up. As Promised, we have delivered you a fantastic product you will be pleased with for years to come.


Why Hire Us:  With over 12,000 satisfied customers and over 400 online reviews, we are the "Perfect Choice" for your Peoria Bathroom Remodel. No other company will promise you absolute, guaranteed 5 star service and deliver you an amazing service like we do. Starting with our office, we are experts and have someone available 24/7 to answer all of your questions and really help you should you have an idea or concern. We want to help you. Our installers are experts at Bathroom Remodeling. Having been in Hundreds of Bathrooms, we know exactly what will look the best to fit your space. We are experts at.

Financing: You can have a Brand New Bathroom Today! No one wants to pay for a Home Improvement project all at once if they do not have to or have the option to make payments. Thats why we at Perfect Choice Exteriors can help you get your new project Financed by one of our expert lenders. We provide the very best Home Improvement Financing for Home Owners in Central Illinois. Join the over 4,800 Local Homeowners who have had their Peoria Bathroom Remodel Financed and completed with Perfect Choice. To apply for Quick and Easy Financing, click below.👇

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Siding / Windows 

Need  Siding or Windows? Perhaps you want the BEST! We can help! Having performed Thousands of Exterior projects. Need top quality materials at a practical cost? We will provide you with the very best in Siding and Windows in Central Illinois. Our Mastic Siding is the most durable of all Siding. We guarantee our products will outlast all competitors and keep your home looking brand new for years to come. The color choices are the most brilliant you will ever see. If you are needing Peoria Replacement Windows we can help! Having installed over 3,000 windows, we are the authority in Central Illinois for all things Windows. We help our customers save on multiple windows. When choosing us we provide the very best window you will ever see for the money! We guarantee you'll love our windows and our 5 star service! Click below to learn more about our Peoria Siding / Peoria Windows. 👇


Need  Roofing? We can help! Get the Best Roofing Project completed by Perfect Choice Exteriors. We have more online reviews than any other Peoria Roofing Company. Perhaps Combined. Let us show you why we are the "Perfect Choice" for your next roofing project! We Guarantee you 5 star service! Having installed over 2,000 Central Illinois Roofs, we are absolute experts! From replacing water damaged wood, to removing multiple layers of shingles in the matter of 1 day, to installing your entire roof in as little as 2 days. We guarantee to be the most efficient Peoria Roofing Company you will ever work with. Not to mention our warranty is lifetime! Even if you have a tree fall down on it, our roofs are stronger than most and will withstand strong Tazewell County winds and Peoria hail storms. No need to ever roof your home again! Click below to learn more about our Peoria Roofing Services.  👇 


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