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Hopper Windows

When considering new windows for your Peoria or St. Louis home, replacement hopper windows could well be the perfect choice for some spaces. Hinged at the bottom, hopper windows swing open at the top to offer superior ventilation.

The replacement hopper window installers at Perfect Choice Exteriors provide flawless workmanship, along with premium windows backed by industry-leading warranties.

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Like you, our team lives and works in this community, and we’re committed to ensuring our neighbors enjoy an exceptional experience from start to finish. We’ve completed successful projects for more than 15,000 homeowners who’ve learned firsthand why we’re the perfect choice for affordable home renovations.

The Benefits of Premium Hopper Windows

Hopper windows may not be right for every space in your home, but they are a stylish option perfectly suited for some rooms. Some of the benefits of these windows include:

  • Superior Security: Hopper windows are quite small, so they aren’t an attractive target for intruders.
  • Enhanced Ventilation: Since these windows swing open wide, they allow abundant fresh air to enter the space.
  • Good Choice for Small Spaces: The compact size of these windows makes them a particularly good choice for smaller spaces such as closets or bathrooms.
  • Energy Efficiency: Hopper windows seal tightly when closed for optimal energy-efficient performance.
  • Easy to Operate: These windows can be easily opened or closed, even with one hand.
  • Industry-Leading Warranty: As is the case with all products installed by our replacement window company, our hopper windows are covered by impressive warranties.

If you’re still not sure about whether this style is a good fit for your needs, our hopper window installers will be pleased to offer some guidance. One important thing to keep in mind is that a hopper window swings outward, so you’ll need to be sure it won’t block walkways or interfere with other features of your home’s exterior when opened.

As with all of our exterior home improvements, you can also count on expert workmanship, courteous service, and competitive prices from our highly rated hopper window company.

Learn More About Stylish Hopper Replacement Windows for Your Peoria or St. Louis Home

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